Consultadoria e agencimanto de vestuário

Who we are

Blue Wings Textile is your partner who ensures that your textiles will be produced, in Portugal, in highest quality and with the best lead-time.

We are a company with well-established partnerships with various textile companies to offer our customers a wide range of knitted and woven textile articles for women, men, children and babies, with high quality standards of Portuguese manufacture, such us as t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, pants, shorts, dresses, jumpsuits, baby grows, sleepers, leggings, among others products.

What we do

Work in partnership with suppliers that best suits on price and product range, knowing how to advise our customers on the best solutions for each type of product is the key to the final success of each order produced.

We manage all the necessary procedures for the development of your product, from the idea/sketch to its final implementation.


Why Portugal

Qualified labour force, flexibility, quick response, innovation…
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Our Responsibility

Partners that guarantee a healthy and safe work environment…
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Private label

We are committed to producing your models and promoting your brand…
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